Save energy


Energy Saving Technology

All our homes at Bespoke homes are created from the top materials in the market. We constantly seeking for the next step, in order to bring to you the most innovative methods in energy saving. We have carefully designed all our homes in order to make them as sustainable as possible, like this we can save our home owner thousands of dollars a year.

Fiberglass insulation

Thermal performance and energy efficiency

Fiber glass insulation helps make homes more thermally efficient by better retaining the desired temperature of enclosed spaces, whether they are heated or cooled. Its thermal performance reduces utility costs for home-owners, conserves fuel sources and provides greater living comfort.

Fire resistance

Made from sand and recycled glass, fiberglass insulation is naturally non-combustible and remains so for the product's life. It requires no additional fire-retardant chemical treatments.

Acoustic control

Fiberglass insulation is a naturally sound-absorbent material that significantly reduces sound transmission in wall, ceiling, floor and HVAC assemblies.

Double glazed windows

Double glazed windows are an ideal energy efficient choice with the added benefit of minimising noise. The sealed air gap between the two panes acts as an added layer of insulation. This added thermal resistance reduces the amount of heat escaping in winter and keeps your home at a more comfortable temperature.

Vapor Barrier

Energy Efficiency and Lower Costs Since the high moisture level in the air affects the temperature inside the home, the vapor barrier will act as a sealant by controlling the moisture, which will make it more energy efficient, thus lowering energy costs.

Vinyle Siding


Homeowners and developers choose this material for reasons other than its attractive colors and styles. There have been many improvements made to vinyl designs and technologies over the past 50 years. Many of these improvements are now significant benefits of the material and advantages that it holds over its alternatives. Here are several of the primary benefits:


As mentioned above, consumers have a huge variety of colors, thicknesses, textures, profiles and styles to choose from.

Low Maintenance

One of its most attractive features is that it is easy to care for. It only requires mild dish soap and water for cleaning and does not need frequent repainting as wood and aluminum do since its color can last for 25 years or more.

Cheap and Easy

Not only is it cheap to maintain, but it also much more affordable than other cladding materials to have installed. Additional money can be saved by motivated homeowners (who have some do-it-yourself experience) that opt to install the siding themselves.

Durability and Longevity

It is extremely durable. It resists impacts well and maintains its original color for a long time as it is made from PVC resin that is colored all the way through. It also doesn’t attract insects like wood does and it resists the entry of animals and moisture.