Go Green

The Most Cost - Effective Way to Live

As our homes are factory-built, they have several eco-friendly advantages over site-built homes.
Factories provide a secure and dry construction environment. Computer-assisted drawings and the efficiencies of the production line allow
for more precise access to and use of materials. Because everything is based at one site, certain materials can be purchased in bulk and any excess materials
can be reused onsite. When modules are transported to the site to be assembled on a permanent foundation and completed, there is less environmental disturbance.

Site-built construction must deal with problems associated with an outdoor site.

There may be a large amount of waste as materials left unused are often disposed of instead of recycled. Inclement weather and inadequate storage can damage materials.

Lumber and other supplies must be dealt with where they are dropped off by supply trucks. Open sites are vulnerable to theft and vandalism. Also, those working on the house must deal with inclement weather, such as cold, high heat, high humidity, and rain.