Bulit Tough to Handle All Types of Terrain

Extremely durable, constructed out of high strength materials.
Built to Australian Standards and certified by Australian Engineers.
Cyclone rated.
All Structural steel is galvanized including all bolts and screws.
Compressed sheet flooring.

Bi fold glass doors.
Colour bond corrugated metal sheeting for roof and external cladding.
Woodgrain weatherboard external finish, cladding pre-painted also available.
R3.5 rated insulation in all walls and ceilings.
European owned company with offshore manufacturing facilities.

Fast and Easy to assemble

Rapid and efficient to assemble.
Step by step assembly guide.
Installed on pad footings on posts that come with the unit. Can be built on slopes if required.
All installation can be completed with manual labour (no crane required).
Compressed sheet flooring.

All components are labelled to show where they go and are pre-fabricated.
All components weigh under 70kg so two people can easily handle.
Once constructed easily dismantled and relocated.
We offer Project Management, Supervision and training of the installation of the product.
Turnkey solutions can also be arranged.

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